How to Make a Balloon Dog

How to make a balloon dog. All you need is balloons! And a pump.

I made this balloon dog!

Let’s Go Fishing!

Let's Go Fishing!

I made this because my Mom asked me to. I’m such a good daughter.

Me and Dracula

Dracula and I love to hang out and talk about Halloween.

Just hanging out with MY favorite vampire.

Mmmm, Beer

Mmmm, Beer!

Ed likes beer! (Here my dear husband models a balloon beer. Less filling for sure!)

Hats are awesome!

Hat Party, FTW!

Made this crazy Hat for Katie’s surprise shower. Did not make the huge sombrero. Now, THAT would’ve been a trick.

A little decoration with your wine?

Flash! Aaaaahhh!


I made this at a TJam on the Road with Ken Stillman back in 2005. One of my favorites. I even kept it at the end of the day.

Flash, he sleeps with the fishes.

Halloween is my favorite time of year

Playing Sunday Night, into the morning!

After dinner lots of people hung out at the bar and twisted. Rumor is that they took over the bar until the wee hours of the morning… Here are my higlights… (mostly of Ed =0)

	drip	Drip, Drip

	huh?	Hey, Royal, how goes it?

		Ed Makes a Hat

		Ed Makes a hat bigger


		See, it’s really a hat!

		“This old thing?”





Late night Twistin’

Silly peeps & Things!





Don Caldwell’s Class

First thing I attended Don Caldwell’s Class. Lots of fun it was!!!!